Glimpses of God!

...vignettes of where we have seen God at work in the midst of the storm.

Woody the Guitar Guy

Pam, my Mom and I were walking Hailey down the hallway of the ICU to take her for a stroll. Suddenly we saw a man with a guitar and an amazing smile beaming from his face. He walked up to Hailey and said, "Hey, I don't think I've met you yet, my name is Woody!" He handed us one of his CD's filled with kid songs. He was on his way out the door but before he left we asked him if he would play us a song on the guitar. He agreed and began playing the song "I am a pizza." We asked if he could play the Randy Stonehill song, "Shut de Do." This is one of the kids favorite songs we play during family fun nights. Woody then knew we were Christians and handed us his CD of Christian songs. Finding out a bit more about Woody, we learned that bringing joy to children in the hospital is more than an occasional volunteer gesture, it is he full time vocation. When asked the history of how he got into this type of outreach, he explained that he was a paramedic on the Air-Evac team and he had promised a young man he would come back to the hospital in a few days with his guitar and sing him a few songs. Woody explained how he became "hooked". How he fell in love with this calling and how he started a non-profit organization and for over twenty years has been traveling across the country singing at hospitals, camps and special events.

Before Woody left he sang on more song called, "There You Are." This is a song that explains how much he wanted a sign written across the stars indicating that God has heard his prayers. These words are quickly followed by his realization of God's awesome presence and says, "As if the stars themselves are not enough." The words then say, "...every time I open my eyes, there you are loving me like crazy...when my heart is doubting, even there you are." As these words sunk deep into our hearts, the tears rolled down our faces as we realized in that moment our Heavenly Father will never leave us during this painful journey. I can't tell you how PERFECT that song was for Pam and I. A gentle reminder of His sovereignty even in our darkest hour.

Woody is truly one of the biggest men I have ever met. Bringing joy to both hurting children and adults. Being courageous enough to do it on their turf- in the hospitals. Going directly to their point of need. Being a much needed light in the midst of the darkness.

  • Our short encounter reminded me of the following principles:
  • Be about purpose
  • Give yourself completely to what you believe in
  • Don't be afraid to change direction drastically to follow your dreams
  • Be about significance not success

Woody Wolfe will never be on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and he will never be asked to host the Grammy Awards but he is an amazing unsung hero that will be greatly rewarded in eternity.

Thank you Woody for being obedient to the calling to help the hurting. You are truly a gift to this world.


I encourage you to visit Woody's website and listen to other great songs by Woody and discover his beautiful outreach to children across the country.

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