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What's in a Name?

by Jeff Osborne

Michelle Lynn Osborne. Also know as The Red Haired Angel. She was a princess with bright red curly hair. She was full of life, energy and personality. Her smile could wipe out just about any care in the world. She was funny, confident and always ready for adventure. I often wonder what she would be like today if she was still with us. Would she be a great leader? Would she sing? Would she be a gentle, nurturing mother? Would she love the Lord? Would she make people around her laugh? Would she be captivated by music and allow her soul to be moved through song?

Although I will never know the answers to these questions on this side of eternity, one day God will show me what she has become. I will see her as she was meant to be. Perfectly crafted by the hands of the creator of the universe. Next time I see her she will be against the backdrop of His perfect and complete love. She will look so beautiful. I love you sister and long for our next reunion.

When Pam and I had our children, I like most husbands, allowed her full veto rights on the final name selection. Except in the case of their middle names. This spot was reserved. Set apart as a memorial to my sister. Pam graciously agreed to allow me this honor. And so it was the middle names of our two girls would be a tribute to Michelle Lynn.

Hailey "Michelle" Osborne
Madison "Lynn" Osborne

So what's in a name. Sometimes, more than meets the eye.

Michelle Lynn Osborne died in 1969 when she was 7 years old. Ironically, she died of childhood Leukemia.

Hailey knows the story behind her namesake, but I never would have imagined the kindred spirit that lives between the two of them. A spirit that never quits, never gives up and never dies.

Shelly Shelly
Michelle Lynn Osborne
Hailey Hailey
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